Transform how you feel

with our Being in the Body meditation course

Transform how you feel

with our Being in the Body meditation course

Want to feel more anchored, stable, and in tune with your body and energy?


In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with our physical and energetic selves. A near-constant state of disconnection can lead to a range of issues, including stress, fatigue, restlessness, and unease.

Being in the Body is a meditation course designed to guide you on a journey of grounding, stability, and energetic equilibrium.

This course goes beyond relaxation; it helps you to tap more deeply into your physical and energetic body, for a renewed sense of vitality and balance, and calm. 

Learn how to change your energetic state

Embark on a path of self-discovery and transformation with step-by-step guidance, powerful meditation and breathwork techniques, and teacher support.


Being in the Body Course

5 modules. 27 lessons.

With audio-based meditations crafted into four sections—Introduction, Foundation, Practice, and Nano—each module will unveil new layers of insight and self-awareness, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these transformative teachings into your everyday life.

  • Introduction: A short intro to the topic
  • Foundation: Learn the technique with this meditation
  • Practice: Deepen your learning in a practice meditation that includes more space
  • Nano: Learn how to integrate what you have learnt into your daily life.
  • Bonus: Meditate on the move with a walking meditation. 

All meditations are conveniently designed to fit into your busy schedule, with each lesson being under 10 minutes.


Discover a powerful breathing technique called conscious breathing, to help you to feel more stable, clear, and calm 


Learn how to let go of tension in your body and experience the sensation of complete physical surrender


Learn to connect to subtle sensations in your body to feel more grounded, stable, and calm


Learn how to find interoception, a sensation which reflects the whole body's internal state in one single feeling


Learn how to bring the whole-body sensation of interoception with you as you open your eyes


Complete the course to be able to claim an animated breathing NFT designed by renowned artist Jan Sladecko 

Course love

"The Being in the Body course helped me find inner stability, connect with my energy, and experience a newfound sense of balance and peace. Thank you"


"I really enjoyed this. After doing your course I now have a toolbox of techniques to deepen my personal meditation practice without having instruction"


Start your journey today

Break free from the busyness of life and reclaim a deep connection with yourself. 

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  • Immediate access to the full Being in the Body Course
  • 27 powerful lessons to support your journey
  • Experienced teacher support and community conversation
  • Bonus breathing NFT by Jan Sladecko when you complete the course